Welcome to BST Scientific

BST Scientific is a leading distributor of life science and biomedical science research products in Singapore and its surrounding region. We offer a wide variety of products to the local scientific community since 1998.

Our product lines can be categorized into the following ranges:

If you are our customers or institutional purchaser, feel free to browse through our site and request for quotations or technical information for our range of products. For your convenience, we have a few freezer/store programmes running in various institutes and have every intention of expanding this to serve you better. Drop us a note if you require our assistance in procuring products for your research needs

If you are a principal manufacturer of life sciences/biomedical research products, and will like to expand your sales, marketing and distribution channel to this region, please get in touch with us. We have a long history of customer focus and technical excellence, and have successfully represented a wide range of manufacturers.


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